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DAN JO DAN DAN JO DAN JO!!! Whoop whoop!

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Sep. 5th, 2008 | 08:14 pm

god, thats song is legendary!
lol, i can almost sing along now (even if it is in japanese)!!

which, sadly, has pretty much been the highlight of my evening XD

sorry this hasn't been updated in a while. i guess i had more pressing matters to deal with. like the fact that slowly but surely the "Fruits Basket" anime is being removed from anime sites, and i don't know how long i have before they take them off this site i found. so yeah, been concentrating on watching them.
i'm on episode 15 right now, so only 11 more episodes before i can relax and watch something that'll be on for a while (i hope).
like Naruto, or One Piece. watching them should take a few hours, but it's the weekend, and i haven't got much else to do ¬¬
what with torrential rain and most places worth going to being outside, it calls for a weekend spent inside on my laptop, as, being the nerd i am, i have already done all my homework (except a couple essay re-drafts), and have read all the manga books my friend gave me on thursday.
yes, i have made myself a promise that i will try very, very hard this year, and get good grades in all of my subjects!
this is my last year (actually shorter than that) in compulsory education, and i intend to make sure it goesa out with a bang!!

i am really lame, i know ¬¬

weeeelll, Fruits Basket awaits, as well as two rather boring essays (but in all honesty, what essay isn't?)

i'm off for now, and hopefully when i get back into a routine, i can write more regularly!

goodbye for now!!

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