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Oh dear now, has it really been that long?!?!

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Dec. 27th, 2008 | 02:36 am

As the title of this little entry suggests, it has been a loooooong time since i have updated this thing. I think the only reason i am doing so now is because i KNOW someone has been reading my entries.

....which sounds like i'm accusing him of something, but i'm just reassuring myself that these are not just insane ramblings aimed at an audience that doesn't give a crap. Well, he might not give a crap either, but he's still reading it, so whatever.

so yes, a lot has changed (i feel) since i last updated this thing.

i wear the same amount of clips (if not more) as i did before, except my hair looks like it has been done by a 3 year old who held the scissors with their feet. my defense is, i wanted it to look this way. And just for your information, i am not 3, and cut my hair with my hands.

my room is almost ready to be painted, and will soon be decorated with doodles from my friends and Mighty Boosh stuff all over the walls. plus the walls will be purple, and there will be fairy lights :). Gone will be the Crypt, as my mother so lovingly dubbed it (¬¬), and in it's place a generally cheerier and happier place (Y).

i wouldn't place a label on myself, as labels are for soups and i am not a soup. i like soup, but not enough to w

eedle my way into a can and get heated up and eaten when someone feels a bit peckish. i would name my style simply Unique,which sadly is an unknown concept among people my age. my style ranges from Punk to Indie to Mod (a bit, though this might just be me being stupid) to Emo (oooooh, i really hate people who follow 'Emo' as if it's a cult! It's fashion and it's music, and not a way of life, you wastes of flesh and blood vessels!). Hmm, i think that might be it actually. Throw a little layering of clothes, bright colours, far too many clips and 7 shades of eyeliner worn at once, and you have pretty much what i'm about in a nutshell. The influence for this look would be Harajuku (could be Harujuku, but i'm too lazy to look it up. it's one of the 2, anyway), otherwise known as a form of Japanese street fashion. And yes, i do know that Hara/ujuku is a district in Tokyo, not just the name of a fashion "genre". That's...really all i have to say on the matter.

i like a lot of books, and have liked reading for a long time. things i have read recently are the Twilight series, The Mighty Book of Boosh, Angels and Demons and am currently ploughing my way through Les Misérables, which as around 1400 pages D:

I enjoy shows such as The Mighty Boosh (just went to see them live on the 23rd :D), The IT Crowd, Scrubs, Spongebob Squarepants, any stand-up by Russell Brand (i particularly like Ponderland) and most kinds of stand-up by (generally) British comedians. i mean that as a whole, the comedy is aimed at/is about British people, not that the comedians are generally British but some parts are French or whatever.  it's almost 4 am, leave me alone.

i have a new aspiration: i want to be an actor. i appreciate that it'll be very hard and very unlikely taht i'll be successful, but it is something i believe i can do, and something i will work towards with enthusiasm :D


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