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study leave is incerdibly boring ¬¬

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Jun. 26th, 2009 | 05:47 pm

seriously, there is nothing to do around me that doesn't cost like a million pounds. i simply CANNOT afford to do anything. so mainly, i've been hanging around my house. seriously boring like, all i've done is housework for like 2 weeks, it makes me want to die D:

though, on the bright side, i've finished all of my GCSE's now, and get a 3 month holiday! which sounds pretty sweet, but oddly enough has it's downside. that would mainly be where the boredom comes in, and i don't really want to repeat myself ¬¬

also, i've talked to kat a few times these last two weeks, and we've decided to try and do "Movie Reviews" on Youtube. or something else equally uncool. basically, videos are going up on Youtube, and it will hopefully eleviate some boredom.

i'm incredibly lazy, so i can't be bothered writing much more.

annie OUT.

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