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yayyayyay, i got a job!!

Sep. 5th, 2009 | 10:41 pm

yeah yeah, i'm totally excited about it, oddly enough. i will have my own money, can spend it however i want, and before long, i'll be able to afford a new laptop, plus a whole load of other nice things!
plus, it's in a nice clothes shop, where most of my family like to shop. crimbo presents please?? :D

that's really all i want to say, to be honest. i'm watching friends, and my concentration keeps shifting from the tv to lj.

bigger update when i can be bothered, love you guys


study leave is incerdibly boring ¬¬

Jun. 26th, 2009 | 05:47 pm

seriously, there is nothing to do around me that doesn't cost like a million pounds. i simply CANNOT afford to do anything. so mainly, i've been hanging around my house. seriously boring like, all i've done is housework for like 2 weeks, it makes me want to die D:

though, on the bright side, i've finished all of my GCSE's now, and get a 3 month holiday! which sounds pretty sweet, but oddly enough has it's downside. that would mainly be where the boredom comes in, and i don't really want to repeat myself ¬¬

also, i've talked to kat a few times these last two weeks, and we've decided to try and do "Movie Reviews" on Youtube. or something else equally uncool. basically, videos are going up on Youtube, and it will hopefully eleviate some boredom.

i'm incredibly lazy, so i can't be bothered writing much more.

annie OUT.

update updaaaaate :D

May. 30th, 2009 | 11:56 pm
location: my living room
mood: tired tired
music: bonkers- dizzee rascal

i'm-a-lovin' me some south park
i love it, that much is true
i dunno why i'm saying this
but i had to share with you

i love the crude animations
the little boys who swear
the fact that kenny always dies
and kyle's curly red hair :D

stan's a normal, mixed up kid
cartman's like a tank
this show can really make me laugh
trey and matt, i have you to thank

thank you so much, for all you've done
i love your show to bits
it's so different to other shows
which, honestly are completely...rubbish ;)

i'm not a poet by trade, as you can probably tell
something i just thought of right now, and i'm shattered, and stayed in a caravan for what felt like 12 years, so i'm relieving my stress and drowsiness in the form of fangirly ramblings.

don't like it, then jog on.

uhm, well

my room got painted a verrrry nice purple (i like purple :D), and i have a new wardrobe with mirrors (and very many clothes)
i have the last maths gcse exam on monday, then i'll never have to do maths again :D :D
i have to grow out my scarecrow hair for a wedding in march, as i am a bridesmaid
i'm gonna dye my hair brown: not black, coz my mum hates me D:
(not really, though i'm dyin' it so dark a brown that it'll tecnically be black, but ssssh! ;) )
maybe highlights? who knows, depends how i feeeeeel on the day, i suppose
my foot is bleeding
break slapping caused spotted bruising on my upper thighs
my sister stabbed me with a ball-point pen and made me bleed (FYI; that's very hard to do, as ball-point pens are blunt as hell DX)
i'm on a mission to lose weight for next march (and keep it off)
i WILL find a lime-green bikini, dammit ¬¬
my sister got attacked my a seagull 3 times. it was after her burger XD XD XD
jessica thought shawn the sheep lived by my house o_0
i have invisible bruising on my lower legs

guh, i can't be arsed anymore D: D: D: 
ah well, that's enough of a peak into my world
anything can become interesting when seen through my eyes, i guess
my eyes hurt, i'm off to read some slashy goodness


hey all!

Apr. 15th, 2009 | 12:42 am

well, i don't think any one has ever read this (apart from YOU, and thanks for that btw ^^), but i feel an update is in order anyway.

meh, it was my brithday about 40 minutes ago, and i feel i've bee waiting for it for most of my life.i'm tired, i have to go and rehearse for a drama performance later, and i can't be bothered with an in depth update.

i'll write about how that went later

peace guys


Oh dear now, has it really been that long?!?!

Dec. 27th, 2008 | 02:36 am

As the title of this little entry suggests, it has been a loooooong time since i have updated this thing. I think the only reason i am doing so now is because i KNOW someone has been reading my entries.

....which sounds like i'm accusing him of something, but i'm just reassuring myself that these are not just insane ramblings aimed at an audience that doesn't give a crap. Well, he might not give a crap either, but he's still reading it, so whatever.

so yes, a lot has changed (i feel) since i last updated this thing.

i wear the same amount of clips (if not more) as i did before, except my hair looks like it has been done by a 3 year old who held the scissors with their feet. my defense is, i wanted it to look this way. And just for your information, i am not 3, and cut my hair with my hands.

my room is almost ready to be painted, and will soon be decorated with doodles from my friends and Mighty Boosh stuff all over the walls. plus the walls will be purple, and there will be fairy lights :). Gone will be the Crypt, as my mother so lovingly dubbed it (¬¬), and in it's place a generally cheerier and happier place (Y).

i wouldn't place a label on myself, as labels are for soups and i am not a soup. i like soup, but not enough to w

eedle my way into a can and get heated up and eaten when someone feels a bit peckish. i would name my style simply Unique,which sadly is an unknown concept among people my age. my style ranges from Punk to Indie to Mod (a bit, though this might just be me being stupid) to Emo (oooooh, i really hate people who follow 'Emo' as if it's a cult! It's fashion and it's music, and not a way of life, you wastes of flesh and blood vessels!). Hmm, i think that might be it actually. Throw a little layering of clothes, bright colours, far too many clips and 7 shades of eyeliner worn at once, and you have pretty much what i'm about in a nutshell. The influence for this look would be Harajuku (could be Harujuku, but i'm too lazy to look it up. it's one of the 2, anyway), otherwise known as a form of Japanese street fashion. And yes, i do know that Hara/ujuku is a district in Tokyo, not just the name of a fashion "genre". That's...really all i have to say on the matter.

i like a lot of books, and have liked reading for a long time. things i have read recently are the Twilight series, The Mighty Book of Boosh, Angels and Demons and am currently ploughing my way through Les Misérables, which as around 1400 pages D:

I enjoy shows such as The Mighty Boosh (just went to see them live on the 23rd :D), The IT Crowd, Scrubs, Spongebob Squarepants, any stand-up by Russell Brand (i particularly like Ponderland) and most kinds of stand-up by (generally) British comedians. i mean that as a whole, the comedy is aimed at/is about British people, not that the comedians are generally British but some parts are French or whatever.  it's almost 4 am, leave me alone.

i have a new aspiration: i want to be an actor. i appreciate that it'll be very hard and very unlikely taht i'll be successful, but it is something i believe i can do, and something i will work towards with enthusiasm :D


lol i'm a bunny rabbit ^^

Sep. 7th, 2008 | 03:05 pm

yes, well.....i blame the fact that i'm hyper from a lot  of sugar intake, to be honest.
it's true, yes, i am a bunny rabbit. with the ears and all. which totally clash with the outfit. yeh, i'm going with the red and black theme, all punky-emo like, and white bunny ears ¬¬

i look like i'm blind and don't even notice how wierd i look. but believe me, i do ¬¬ ¬¬.

i've practically been threatened with death if i take them off, and call me stupid, but i like life!

and me n sam are like gonna walk round wearing these ears. me a bunny, her a cat (ooooh, what bad english! *dies*)

i wish kat was here...
tho we hav run out of animal ears....
meh, we'd have found a way.... XD



anyhooooo, thats all i can be bothered with right now, soooooo









DAN JO DAN DAN JO DAN JO!!! Whoop whoop!

Sep. 5th, 2008 | 08:14 pm

god, thats song is legendary!
lol, i can almost sing along now (even if it is in japanese)!!

which, sadly, has pretty much been the highlight of my evening XD

sorry this hasn't been updated in a while. i guess i had more pressing matters to deal with. like the fact that slowly but surely the "Fruits Basket" anime is being removed from anime sites, and i don't know how long i have before they take them off this site i found. so yeah, been concentrating on watching them.
i'm on episode 15 right now, so only 11 more episodes before i can relax and watch something that'll be on for a while (i hope).
like Naruto, or One Piece. watching them should take a few hours, but it's the weekend, and i haven't got much else to do ¬¬
what with torrential rain and most places worth going to being outside, it calls for a weekend spent inside on my laptop, as, being the nerd i am, i have already done all my homework (except a couple essay re-drafts), and have read all the manga books my friend gave me on thursday.
yes, i have made myself a promise that i will try very, very hard this year, and get good grades in all of my subjects!
this is my last year (actually shorter than that) in compulsory education, and i intend to make sure it goesa out with a bang!!

i am really lame, i know ¬¬

weeeelll, Fruits Basket awaits, as well as two rather boring essays (but in all honesty, what essay isn't?)

i'm off for now, and hopefully when i get back into a routine, i can write more regularly!

goodbye for now!!

lol i have no life XD

Aug. 23rd, 2008 | 01:14 am

weeeellllll. my sister's rug is...awful. how random, i hear you...think?

ok, if you don't know about the anime/manga Naruto, you may not understand.

the rug is like made out of, uhm, sakura's hair. its long, and light pink, and i have the insane urge to grap an eletric razor and shave it fuckin' bald!!

yeah, i'm very strange. hardly news to me!!

i'm going to go...uh...."alter" a certain rug.

heh heh heh.....

i hate setting up laptops ¬¬

Aug. 22nd, 2008 | 01:49 am

my sister just got her laptop today.

....and she knowsa fuck all about 'em. ¬¬

this is the same sister who spent forever setting up the internet, just to have me come in to fix it in a much shorter time span.

well, she has no idea how to use the new laptop properly, so i'm trying to help her sorrt everything out.

stupid wireless internet, it really fails at life ¬¬

and my cousin wants me to download itunes for her. like its an epic task that is extremely hard.

oiiiii, i'm not amused.

well, that's all i can be bothered saying, coz i'm annoyed and got more computer crap to deal with.

sayonnara, livejournal-ites (or whatever), i guess i'll see ya!
(or not, as the case may be...)

tutus YEAH!

Aug. 18th, 2008 | 08:57 pm

made a tutu for my sister tooday.
she needs it for some wierd sleepover.
i asked her what the point was in making a tutu that she'll wear for like and hour, then take off to get changed into the pjs??

she told me to shut up.

how rude.

yeah, after that rude interaction with my younger sybling, we started making something REALLY wierd.

its like....a black minidress, with a bright pink layer underneath, and coloured netting underneath that.


it's pretty awesome XD



that's all i can be bothered with saying rioght now.

my day was really boring, you see.