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update updaaaaate :D

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May. 30th, 2009 | 11:56 pm
location: my living room
mood: tired tired
music: bonkers- dizzee rascal

i'm-a-lovin' me some south park
i love it, that much is true
i dunno why i'm saying this
but i had to share with you

i love the crude animations
the little boys who swear
the fact that kenny always dies
and kyle's curly red hair :D

stan's a normal, mixed up kid
cartman's like a tank
this show can really make me laugh
trey and matt, i have you to thank

thank you so much, for all you've done
i love your show to bits
it's so different to other shows
which, honestly are completely...rubbish ;)

i'm not a poet by trade, as you can probably tell
something i just thought of right now, and i'm shattered, and stayed in a caravan for what felt like 12 years, so i'm relieving my stress and drowsiness in the form of fangirly ramblings.

don't like it, then jog on.

uhm, well

my room got painted a verrrry nice purple (i like purple :D), and i have a new wardrobe with mirrors (and very many clothes)
i have the last maths gcse exam on monday, then i'll never have to do maths again :D :D
i have to grow out my scarecrow hair for a wedding in march, as i am a bridesmaid
i'm gonna dye my hair brown: not black, coz my mum hates me D:
(not really, though i'm dyin' it so dark a brown that it'll tecnically be black, but ssssh! ;) )
maybe highlights? who knows, depends how i feeeeeel on the day, i suppose
my foot is bleeding
break slapping caused spotted bruising on my upper thighs
my sister stabbed me with a ball-point pen and made me bleed (FYI; that's very hard to do, as ball-point pens are blunt as hell DX)
i'm on a mission to lose weight for next march (and keep it off)
i WILL find a lime-green bikini, dammit ¬¬
my sister got attacked my a seagull 3 times. it was after her burger XD XD XD
jessica thought shawn the sheep lived by my house o_0
i have invisible bruising on my lower legs

guh, i can't be arsed anymore D: D: D: 
ah well, that's enough of a peak into my world
anything can become interesting when seen through my eyes, i guess
my eyes hurt, i'm off to read some slashy goodness


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