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Aug. 17th, 2008 | 09:11 pm

wow! what an awesome-tastic film!

it had mummies (duh), fighting, a NINJA, elemental control (though oddly with an absense of air/wind), and BRENDAN FRASER!!!

yay violence! (and brendan fraser XD)

wow, it was awesome!

living, moving terracotta warriors
fountains of youth
martial arts

it completely made my day!!

EVERYONE should go and see this film!!!!

that is all i have to say
i'm tired and bored

and Torchwood is on!! <3


Aug. 16th, 2008 | 08:04 pm

lol, disappointment for all those who thought there would be yaoi on this page.

(8)we jus' wrecked the mic, we jus' wrecked the mic, we jus' wrecked the mic, PSYCHE! (8)

if anyone understands what the hell that, good on ya! *gives virtual cookie*

if you don't, it really doesn't mater, coz hardly anyone knows what i'm talking about anyway *camp hand gesture*

*sigh* oooook, now i'm bored.

i'm gonna go find something to entertain myself with.

uhm.....ooooh! a butterfly!

cya!! *chases butterfly*

i hate wasps ¬¬

Aug. 15th, 2008 | 12:42 pm

god, i got to sleep at about 3 a.m. and am really really tired. so when i was trying to sleep in this morning, the building site next door started drilling at whatnot at like 7:30. and yeah, that was as LOUD AS HELL.

then, oh god THEN, like 5 wasps flew in through the open window and started buzzing above my head.
and being severely scared of wasps, i like ran out of there faster than i've ever ran before!

i mean, what is the point of wasps? from where i'm standing, they don't really...do much.
like, they eat other insects, so they don't pollinate plants and flowers.
they sting people...regardless. i mean, you happen to be in the room, yeah, they sting you. ¬¬
and OMG, the buzzing sound would drive the sanest person loco.

yes, i really DO hate these winged demons, and i'm tired and irritated.

cya later peeps, where is my rolled up magazine...?

yeah, my sister is an ass

Aug. 13th, 2008 | 09:55 pm

she decided it would be a great idea to clear out the study, and unplug the modem 4 the wireless internet.

then tried to use the internet, and got all frustrated when it wouldn't work ¬¬.

after deciding she wanted the internet back up again, she speant at least an hour trying to do so, before admitting defeat and asking me to help her.

she'd plugged the broadband modem into the wireless one incorrectly.
she plugged the printer cable in one end of the tower, and the other end of the cable in another part of the tower.

she's such a spaz.

she called me in, and i fixed the internet in the space of about 1 minute, when it took her much much longer.


yeah yeah, i'm bored now, and my mum is watching Midsumer Murders.

i'm sorry, but if all these murders are constantly happening in this one small village, wouldn't it have been, i dunno, closed?


have all the citizen's arrested??

i dont get it at all. ¬¬

yeah, i'm leaving now.

hasta luego!

ugh! i hate Harry Potter (the film)!!!

Aug. 12th, 2008 | 02:09 pm

i mean, omg it is so annoying!
daniel radcliffe is a freak, emma wotson (i dont no how 2 spell her name) is a loser, and about the only decent character is ron weasley!
and he's the bloody sidekick in the book!

yeah, i'm in a bad mood coz im tired. considering all this holiday i've slept like 14 hours a day, last night was like nothin.
only like 6 hours, so i'm still in shock.

yeah, i REALLY have nothing else to say.
jeez, how high pitched are their voices in the first film????
like chipmunks, really.

ah well, cya!

LOL i <3 the summer XD

Aug. 10th, 2008 | 04:48 pm

all i've done so far is sit around, watch TV and go on the internet.

oh yeh, and sleep 4 like 14 HOURS A DAY!!!!!

its great ;)

u may feel this is a waste of time, but considering when i'm going to school i get bout 3-5 hours sleep, this is HEAVEN.

yeah, i really have no life ¬¬

but yeh, music, anime, movies and no work?
who wouldn't love that?

oh yeah, and my family came up from Essex (the south of England) to Liverpool, where we are (in the north).
that was.....odd. but odd in a good way XD

we ended up babysitting 8 year olds, 4 like 5 days. not very fun, and we hardly got to do anything, coz we didn't want to drag them anywhere.

i'm so distracted by THE PLAIN WHITE T'S on iCarly. dont like the show too much, but yeah.
that was interesting XD

i'm leaving now.



Aug. 9th, 2008 | 06:02 pm

gah, so so SO tired right now.
almost fell asleep when i was watchin Mamma Mia!
twas a total ABBA-fest, tho suprisingly not that bad.
only jus came back frm seein the film, and i cant remember wot happened!

uhm...a wedding....3 dads
1 of em was gay, i think...

*sigh* i really dont no DX


yay konoha forehead protector!

Aug. 8th, 2008 | 11:08 pm

FINALLY! i FINALLY got my konoha forehead protector back! now i feel like a real boy...er....ninja.
if u dont get this really bad attempt at humour, watch naruto abridged. its AWSOME.
thats only if u care. if u dont, then dont watch it. simple as really. *shrugs*

lol, went 2 a BBQ 2day. it was cool, i guess.
i mean, being a vegetarian, i kinda object 2 all the meat that was consumed there, but i guess if they wanna eat it, it is up 2 them. they dont have a go 4 me not eating meat, so i wont hav a go coz they do.

yeah, my mum got her new furniture 2day. its like brown, and uncomfy ¬¬.
yeah, she had this epic rant that the cat wasnt allowed on the sofa coz he'd scratch the leather, and i was like hmm (i was watching the tv, and she thought i was listening to her ¬¬)

and then she was like yeah if he scratches the walls (they were just redecorated) or the furniture, she wud hav him put down!!!

i was like WTF??????? and my head whipped round so fast i almost got whiplash!

and i was like NOOOOOOO! thats just cruel!

and we had an uber arguement bout it, and i kinda brought the fact that her God would banish her 2 eternal damnation (hey, im not proud of it, ok??)

and she was like i think he'd understand

i was like uhm....no. the life of an animal for furniture? dont think hed b 2 plzed.

then said yeh all life is equeal

and she was like BULLSHIT!

a human life is worth more than an animal!


that owned her.

was so pleased wiv maself, then realised the silly woman was drunk off her face ¬¬





loool, ok, thats all i hav 2 say. im not tired right now, coz i has cola ooooh yeh ;)


and its only like 11:20.


peace y'all!

OMG, i am so fuckin tired i could die X_x

Aug. 8th, 2008 | 03:44 am

just speant like a million years trying to edit my profile. it was like "sorry, but an interest in your interest section is over four words blah blah blah"

i was like SO WHAT???
seriously, i really don't care how many words it takes for me to express what i like doing in my spare time.
so i had to go back like SEVEN times 2 change it
then it's all SUCCESS!!
and i'm like whupty-fuckin-do.

some kind of psycological warfare, i tell ya. 
it's like 03:47 where i am now, and i'm bored. 
and yes, it distracted me 4 a wile, but there are more interesting things 4 me 2 deal with.
like the fact its RAINING in the middle of SUMMER.
i mean WTF is that all about???

it's global warming, that's what it is.
and normally, i'd go on a rsant bout how only we can change the world neh neh neh.
but i saw bee movie on DVD 2day, so i'm gonna blame it on the bees.
yup, the bees.
lack of trees? bees
litter? bees again
car exhaust fumes? would you believe, its the bees. striped bastards won't quit til the planet is DEAD.

but i'm onto them, see. oh yes.
YOU CAN'T FOOL ME, FUCKERS! *shakes fists*

......yeah, i'm only actin this way coz i'm tired, yet cannot get 2 sleep.

meh, i'm going now.

and tune in next time 4 my ramblings that mean nothing!

night (or morning, or afternoon, ot whatever) all